Sunday, February 19, 2012

Second day in the program.

We all wake up early for a Subuh pray. Like a normal person, my eyes very sleepy but still can stand up and go to bathroom to clean up and ready for a pray. After we all pray, we all be told to gather as one team and be told to do a morning exercise. At the first all participant were bored with the exercise, but after few seconds be exercise all start be energy. All already warm up their body and start the exercise with smile face. After three to five minutes, my body already starting to be wet and sweat. Oh, it make me so not comfortable because with many girl if your body sweat and when it dry, it will come out with some bad smell, smell like a shit. OUCH..

In the afternoon, we all start pack up out thing. We all been divide in 4 PULAU and many many many many many many GUNUNG! My GUNUNG be going up to INSTEND bus, and i feel like TUNGGUL. I do not know any person in that bus except 2 person HUSSIEN and EDIN. But still feel like TUNGGUL because we not sit together. I start TEMBOKKAN MUKA, i talk to all person that i feel want to talk, and there one guy, name : LOKMAN, i feel like want to KICK his face because he to KOYAR. But only that first time i talk with he. after a long time stay up with he, i manage my self to comfort with he. ALHAMDULILLAH all be good.

After few hour in the bus. We all arrive our destination, TASIK CENDEROH.. We all already prepare our self that we all going to walk for a 2km and we walk and we arrive that place and i see all participant that  all ready arrive before us be unload that thing. We all arrive and start help other participant. In 30-40 minutes, we all done with unload things. And we all be divine few group, and my group are be assign to set up the camp. We all be given in 1 hour to set up, still not done, and be to pup our time more 45 minutes. We all done in Maghrib, and it so late. We go pray and still set up that camp. FUHH, so tired brooo.. We all be gather, be briefing and we all eat for a dinner, and going to sleep. ALHAMDULLILAH, all good that day. AMIN.. ^,^

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