Sunday, February 26, 2012

After finish survival, day 4! LOOOOOOONGGGG DAYYYY... :S

After long day in the darkness forest, i n my team make all us out, we all have survive the activity with full of joys, then, we all go to the starting point.. We gather all students and we be told to story all the activity we do in the forest.. Have this one teams, they like do not know nothing, they all blurrrr.. Hahaha.. I as leader for my team n i be force to story, i story that at the first i was a blur team leader n with my friend help, i have one a good teamwork, heeee... Thanks to my teammate.. Love u all.. Then we all be send back to our base camp.. Alhamdullillah, i go well. :)

We arrive at the base camp we all be gather at 1 places at the fasi give all us "BUBUR" to us eat, we all be told with empty stomach, we cannot eat heavy food, then we all just eat bubur, with very2 hungry, i eat like NGAP NGAP NGAP, hahaha.. Fasi give all us eat in 3 minutes n my group eat just in 2 minutes, hahaaha so fast dude.. :P

After eating BUBUR, we all do 1 more activity that be know is "CAMP CRAFT", i be assign to "KOREK LUBANG FOR TONG SAMPAH" fuh, for 3-4 hours i think i n my firend korek-2, the final we got the big big big hole, we all so happy n hungry, we very excited to eat dinner, we all wait wait wait, n time for a dinner, we eat, post mortem n we all SLEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.. AMIN AMIN AMIN.. :D

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