Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finish Final Outdoor Recreation Camp..

6days after final camping, i got a time to story what happen at Final Camping Tasik Cenderoh, Lenggong, Perak..

First day, 23/12/2011.

First day at UiTM Shahalam. We all arrived there sharp when KHUTBAH Jumaat been read. We all go take Wuduk, and listen to Khutbah and Pray Jumaat. After that we unloading our camp bag from bus and set all at court. We see one group of UiTM Shahalam student and I se them like "SOMBONG". Just one or two person talked with us. After that we been told to loading all camp equitment in the lorry. That time, we all benn mix with UiTM Shahalam student, and its pretty good. They not "SOMBONG" at all. They friendly.. We loading, loading and loading and at 9-10pm we finish loading. Its pretty tired. But we all happy because already loading and no need to do next morning. First-2 they said want loading all tomorrow morning but they changes their plans and loading that night. Alhamdullillah all been done fast and safely. After that, we all been given food to eat. Fuhh, little but expensive price. Errmmm, after ate, we, pengerusi, naib pengerusi, and ajk makanan been call up to see Cik Azizul. He told that price for food to expensive and they said we all need to changes it. Alhamdulillah.. We all got changes it by give our money to lecturer and they all buy it for us. After that we all been told to sleep and rest. And we SLEEEEEPPPPPPP!!! :)