Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What SPORT I have join NOW?

From this pic, what u will think of me? What sport i played? Heeee.. ^_^


Sunday, February 26, 2012

After finish survival, day 4! LOOOOOOONGGGG DAYYYY... :S

After long day in the darkness forest, i n my team make all us out, we all have survive the activity with full of joys, then, we all go to the starting point.. We gather all students and we be told to story all the activity we do in the forest.. Have this one teams, they like do not know nothing, they all blurrrr.. Hahaha.. I as leader for my team n i be force to story, i story that at the first i was a blur team leader n with my friend help, i have one a good teamwork, heeee... Thanks to my teammate.. Love u all.. Then we all be send back to our base camp.. Alhamdullillah, i go well. :)

We arrive at the base camp we all be gather at 1 places at the fasi give all us "BUBUR" to us eat, we all be told with empty stomach, we cannot eat heavy food, then we all just eat bubur, with very2 hungry, i eat like NGAP NGAP NGAP, hahaha.. Fasi give all us eat in 3 minutes n my group eat just in 2 minutes, hahaaha so fast dude.. :P

After eating BUBUR, we all do 1 more activity that be know is "CAMP CRAFT", i be assign to "KOREK LUBANG FOR TONG SAMPAH" fuh, for 3-4 hours i think i n my firend korek-2, the final we got the big big big hole, we all so happy n hungry, we very excited to eat dinner, we all wait wait wait, n time for a dinner, we eat, post mortem n we all SLEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.. AMIN AMIN AMIN.. :D

Day that start all activity.. Day three.. :)

Morning morning guys n gurls.. Today we all will do some activity, like always at 5 o'clock in the morning.. We all get up and go to bath, and go prepare for solat, my friend from UiTM Shahalam AZAN n we all go pary together.. Amin all be good but still sleepy, huhhuhuhu..

I always remember this person, old person name Abg Mus, he was a soldier, n fit person although he already eat by age but still fit.. I like his style, matured n take serious n every action.. He is our "PENGHULU" and we all respect him as penghulu.. N that morning, he told us to gather n do morning exercise, it good some fun n not, the fun thing is all very sleepy n do STAR JUMP, hahahaha, it very stupid i see, some people just jump jump, jump with ugly face, some people jump with full of motion and I like always, jumpppppppp very high up the sky.. Heeeee..

After morning exercise, we all go sit on KEMAH PUSAT n waiting for breakfast.. Nyum Nyum, the breakfast is ready n we all pray for doa and eattttt.. Alhamdullillah get some energy to do our day activity..

For this first activity, my pulau are the first team that will do survival.. We all very scare because from our senior experiences the hardest activity is survival, huhuhu.. So scare at the first, but at the end not that scares, it like stay up in the dark place, thats all.. huhuhu.. In survival, we all just make clean our places, finds kayu api, finds dry leaf, and make a fire.. Stay until next morning, just like that.. SO SIMPLE.. Hahahahahaha..

Before I forgot, before all my teams go through all survival activity, we all have do ORINTERING! Hahahaha. Its have to use compass, maps n the marker, its very fun activity, n i hope i can join the activity in any compititon, Cik Mus , did u want bring us to the competition, we all be allowed that.. Hehehe.. Then we all finish the activity , we all go this 1 shop, the shop name is Makcik P.. Perhh, that shop so cheap, no needs to use the money, just take it. hahaha.. So cheap right.. If u want free like this, come to Tasik Chenderoh, all item were FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... Hahaha. Aftwe get the item n we all go in the forest n survive 15hours with little food.. It very fun, we just story our life together, it very fun.. Heee.. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Second day in the program.

We all wake up early for a Subuh pray. Like a normal person, my eyes very sleepy but still can stand up and go to bathroom to clean up and ready for a pray. After we all pray, we all be told to gather as one team and be told to do a morning exercise. At the first all participant were bored with the exercise, but after few seconds be exercise all start be energy. All already warm up their body and start the exercise with smile face. After three to five minutes, my body already starting to be wet and sweat. Oh, it make me so not comfortable because with many girl if your body sweat and when it dry, it will come out with some bad smell, smell like a shit. OUCH..

In the afternoon, we all start pack up out thing. We all been divide in 4 PULAU and many many many many many many GUNUNG! My GUNUNG be going up to INSTEND bus, and i feel like TUNGGUL. I do not know any person in that bus except 2 person HUSSIEN and EDIN. But still feel like TUNGGUL because we not sit together. I start TEMBOKKAN MUKA, i talk to all person that i feel want to talk, and there one guy, name : LOKMAN, i feel like want to KICK his face because he to KOYAR. But only that first time i talk with he. after a long time stay up with he, i manage my self to comfort with he. ALHAMDULILLAH all be good.

After few hour in the bus. We all arrive our destination, TASIK CENDEROH.. We all already prepare our self that we all going to walk for a 2km and we walk and we arrive that place and i see all participant that  all ready arrive before us be unload that thing. We all arrive and start help other participant. In 30-40 minutes, we all done with unload things. And we all be divine few group, and my group are be assign to set up the camp. We all be given in 1 hour to set up, still not done, and be to pup our time more 45 minutes. We all done in Maghrib, and it so late. We go pray and still set up that camp. FUHH, so tired brooo.. We all be gather, be briefing and we all eat for a dinner, and going to sleep. ALHAMDULLILAH, all good that day. AMIN.. ^,^