Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trekking that not happen like i think, hahahaa.. Day 5!

Not really sun rise at Tasik Chenderoh tau.. :P

Waking up in the morning, little differences, I be  the most excited person want to go TREKKING! HAHAHAHA.. At the first, i thought it like climbing a mountain BUT, it's not.. It just a trekking the hill, just that.. HEEE..

Firstly before we all go to the trekking activities, we all need to do water confidence, it a PRECAUTION to us, it help we all not to "MENGGELEPOR" when we all across the Lake to the next village. We all take this PFD, stands for PERSONAL FLOATING DEVICE > 

Then, we all slowly going inside the water, we in follow one by on.. It very cold for first time in, haha, when all already inside the lake, we be told to do a number 2.. This time is funny thing, hahahaha.. We all do the number 2 but with mirror number 2, hahaha, we do like this, 

Hahahaha.. We all very shine, n just told them that number 2 were from see, if see from above, it will see number 2 like normal, heeee :D

After that, we all go swimming across the lake to the village, heee. We at the first, we all want to race among us, but the fasi told us, that we need together, support among us.. Then we all swim in a big group, fuh, it really fun.. Haha.. In 20-30 minutes, we all arrive at the village. We be brief about the trekking. Heeee.. :D

We be told that we need to respect the nature, not pick up the plant, not trow away the waste item, and not to do to noisy in trekking.. After the brief, we all start the trekking..

We all start walking in one line, on the way, we all sing songs along the journey.. We see so many plant, big big big plant, RAMBUTAN TREE, DURIAN TREE n many more.. The RAMBUTAN TREE very test our mind.. The fruit on it very very very much.. BUT, we cannot take it, our fasi not give us to take it, then we just stay in the line n go on..

When arrive in the RUBBER FARM, that are the really trekking ways that we need to through.. I ready to do it and we all very excited to do it..Then we go on the journey, we be told that we will see a sign, that sign will be sign for the trekker.. The SIGN! It will show us that way can go on or cant, it also will mark us that way we be through, and it also sign for us to know what the danger there.. We see all the sign, and we really shock, we all never see the sign before go this trekking, heeeeee..

Heeee, then, we go through the farm until the highest place, the PEAK.. It very-2 BEAUTIFUL, we all take a rest n take a picture, but i not get the picture, i do not know where the picture, huhuhuhu.. The we all pray to ALLAH what ALLAH give to we all. AMIN AMIN.. :D

Then we all go down back, we stay at one nice n cold river, it so fresh after we all wash our face, fuhhh, BEST! Then we all continues, n stop at one place, one villages house, n the fasi ask the aunty for the RAMBUTAN n we get it, hahahahaha.. It so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttt.. I like it. haha.. Then we walk walk n walk until the lake back, n we all swim back to camping.. HEE.. We all very very very tired.. We take a rest n wait until evening activity.. :)

The evening we all do the KNOTTING, heeee.. We already study the knotting in the class, for that we all not weird with knooting.. After that, at night like always, post mortem n SLEEP :P

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